It’s tomorrow!

Our race day outfits: cheer if you see us!

Our race day outfits: cheer if you see us!

It’s pretty tense in the Fenner house this morning. Tomorrow Ben has to run his first ever marathon (with poorly knees) and mum and I have a 7-8ish hour walk ahead of us. It also happens to be my 20 year old brother’s house party tonight (while we’re all out in London – nice one Tobes) and as you can imagine, dad’s just a little nervous!

Team Fenben feeling pretty nervous!

Team Fenben feeling pretty nervous!

Tomorrow you’ll be able to track us all through various mediums. The London Marathon offer a service from 7am. If you go onto their website you can enter our race numbers (44663 (Ben), 18681 (mum), 44634 (me)) and it should automatically tell you where we are on the course. If you’re coming to watch the marathon and were thinking of looking out for us, here’s a breakdown of (very roughly) where I think we’ll be when:

Ben – 44663

Mile 6 Cutty Sark: 10.50-11.05am, Mile 12.5 Tower Bridge: 11.50-12.10, Mile 15-19 Canary Wharf: 12.15-13.00, Mile 22-23 Tower Hill: 13.20-13.40, Mile 25-finish (Oxfam British Academy) 1.50-2.40

Me and Mum – 18681, 44634

Mile 6 Cutty Sark: 10.30-10.50am, Mile 12.5 Tower Bridge: 13.20-13.45, Mile 15-19 Canary Wharf: 14.10-15.50, Mile 22-23 Tower Hill: 16.20-16.45, Mile 25-finish (Oxfam British Academy) 17.00-18.00

(It’s kind of just kicked in a. how far this is and b. how bloomin’ long it’s going to take us!)

I would recommend watching from Tower Bridge (although very busy) as you get the chance to see people twice at mile 12.5 and 22. It’s also then easy to get to the finish line. If you’re not in a hurry for the finish, mile 15-18 is also a good place to spot people twice. If you’ve not cheered at London before, expect massive delays in getting around. There’s literally millions of spectators! If you do manage to see us and take any pictures, I’d really appreciate if you could tweet them with the hashtag #lucysmarathon . I’ll be tweeting from @lucyfenner on the way round (as long as my battery lasts!) so you can see the experience from the ground.

Thank you for all your absolutely amazing messages of support. We’ve all never felt anything like this before, thanks to you we’re all motivated to keep going and get on with this marathon. If I see any of you tomorrow on the course, be warned, I’m very likely to cry! Happy tears though.

And one last push, if you’ve been meaning to sponsor us and haven’t yet, let’s smash this £5k target today! We’re on £4887!!! Our page is here.

And one more time for good luck THANK YOU!


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