My training plan

11 weeks to go.

As mentioned in the about me section. My aim isn’t to complete this marathon in a particularly fast time. I am limited by my health and therefore want to complete the race and somewhat enjoy it. I’m confident that my training plan will get me there.


I’ll be doing 3 training runs a week, 1 session of circuit training and 1 bikram yoga/swim. My training runs will increase in distance gradually. My shortest run will go from 6 miles to 10 miles and my longest from 10 miles to 22 miles. Each weekend I will run my longest run at marathon pace with Ben. The other 2 runs will be shorter and at faster pace. They’ll include tempo and fast running as well as hill work.


As of this week I have started drinking more water: at least 2 litres a day. I’ve cut out the diet coke (ouch!) and will reduce the amount of caffeine as well. Last time I ran the marathon this really helped my training. I’m also on a strict diet in an effort to control my colitis and make running as easy as possible. It’s going to be a challenge keeping this up! I won’t be using an energy products like lucozade as these made me very ill last marathon. I’ll be exploring alternatives and will keep my blog updated with how I perform using these.

Sponsor Lucy.


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