Fundraising tips

1.Set yourself a realistic target: If you’re doing a race or a challenge event, you’re going to spend a lot of time training. It’s important to focus on this and set a target that fits with your life.

2. Make a plan: Now you have your target, plan how to get there. Break your fundraising activities down and work out how much each one will raise. Think about who you know, what networks you have and what your friends and colleagues enjoy doing. If you need some help, check out Oxfam’s fundraising ideas. Check your plan matches your target and it still seems realistic.

3. Get going: Don’t be daunted by fundraising, take a jump and go for it! Even a small cake sale that raises £20 gets you off £0.

4. Set up an online giving page: This is the easiest way to communicate your message and get the money you raise to charities. I’d recommend using Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.

5. Hold an event: These take longer to organise but raise more money in one go. They can end up taking less time than lots of smaller activities.

6. Get some help: Ask your friends and family if they’ll help you fundraise. Whether that’s baking some cakes, putting up some posters or gathering raffle prizes.

Good luck!


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