She’s in!

We’ve got mum a place! Thanks to the lovely Katie and Oxfam, mum is going to be able to do the marathon with me. It’s exciting! We went for a training walk on Saturday not knowing whether she’d get a place or not. It was snowing the whole duration of the walk. Mums hands went numb and swollen by the end but we did it. We walked 13 miles with no training! Pretty good for my (almost) 60 year old mum! Legend.

Before the walk - already freezing cold!

Before the walk – already freezing cold!

While we were walking we started to plan race day. One of the things we want to make sure of is that people know we we’re not able to run the race. I don’t think I can handle the ‘keep running’ cheers. So, we’re going to get t-shirts saying ‘my heart won’t let me run’. I’m going to make a banner saying ‘our hearts won’t let us run’ and the logos of the charities we’re supporting so that when we walk past the telly cameras we can put up our banners.

At work I’m continuing with the fundraising. I’ve had some extremely generous sponsors giving money as well as promises. Yes that’s right, promises. Some friends at work are doing Trailtrekker in June and we’re holding an Auction of Promises. We’ve had donations such as ‘a cake every month for 6 months’ and ‘a week in a holiday home in the Alps. On 8th April we’re holding the auction offering a free lunch to thank those that have donated and bid on the promises.

12 miles in. Cold, snowy and bored!

12 miles in. Cold, snowy and bored!

I know I’m always asking you lovely people for things but this is another important one. A great charity called Cardiac Risk in the Young have a petition to get change policy on heart screening of young people. Over 600 young people (under 35) die suddenly each year due to heart conditions like mine. If young people are screened for these heart diseases their lives could be saved. You can sign the petition here, it’ll take just 30 seconds.

And as always if you haven’t already, please sign up to the organ donor register.

Thank you all for your continued support and sponsorship. It’s amazing!


a fresh start

Thank you to everyone who’s read my blog since my news last week. So many of you contacted me, sponsored me, signed up to give blood and committed to organ donation. I was overwhelmed by the response. After pondering for a while I’ve decided that I will definitely walk the marathon!

So here we go again: training round 2. With just 4 weeks to go till the marathon I’m starting to train for a walking marathon. All completely different muscles and mental strength needed. The mentality is going to be the hardest to sort out. I knew that I could run a marathon, I’ve done that before, I’m not sure I can walk one! I’m going to be upset, frustrated, bored, lonely and will have to put up with crowds shouting ‘Keep running!’. It’s going to take me 6+ hours. I really hope the crowds and support hang around long enough to egg me on. I’m going to need it!

Well are you?

Well are you?

I know that I’m very lucky to get a ballot place in the London marathon and to be able to walk it. I can’t pass this opportunity up. To make the most of it I’m going to create an awesome, mega motivational playlist (any suggestions please send them to me!), take a camera with me and I’m desperately trying to find a drop out place so that my mum can walk it with me.

Mum’s are the best aren’t they? As soon as Dr Prasad told me I couldn’t run the marathon last week, she jumped straight in, ‘I’ll walk it with you!”. Mum’s got cardiomyopathy too so it’d be the two of us heart cripples beating it together. If you know of someone that’s dropped out of this year’s London Marathon and not yet given their place back to the Virgin London Marathon, please get in contact if you think they may let mum have their place. Thank you.

The other part of the plan is to get as many hits to my blog as possible and spread my story as far as I can. A kind friend in the PR team at work has written me a strategy and press releases for my walking marathon and we’re going to try and get coverage in as many magazines, blogs and social media areas as possible, all to raise awareness of cardiomyopathy and the urgent need for organ donation. As lots of you told me you’d signed up to organ donation from reading my blog, I’m spurred on to get as many people involved and signed up as possible. We can save lives! Simply spread the word and encourage others to sign up and you’ll be helping to save the lives of people like my brother who was a fit 20 year old just before he needed his heart transplant. If you have twitter, please RT my blog and use the hashtag #lucysmarathon

I’ll keep you posted on the training, support and general shenanigans of my new found challenge!

Sign up to organ donation

Sponsor Lucy

walker not a runner

It’s with great sadness that I have to let you know that I won’t be running the London marathon on 21st April. I had final tests at the Brompton yesterday and while I’m ‘extremely fit’ (had to get that in there) my heart’s not good enough for me to run the marathon, or any marathon or half marathon ever again. It’s time to hang up my running shoes after a pretty good career. I’ve had the pleasure, yes pleasure, of running the London Marathon, Barcelona half marathon, Royal Parks half marathon (twice!), Reading half marathon, Run to the Beat, the Great North Run, Great South Run and Bupa 10ooo. I’ve got a good collection of medals and I’ve still got cartilage in my knees so there are some positives to this news!

The delightful exercise test I took yesterday.

The delightful exercise test I took yesterday.

You may wonder why, if I’m fit and have done all these runs in the past why I can’t continue my hobby. I’ll try and explain the technical health bit…

I have dilated cardiomyopathy which means that my heart is weak and enlarged which means it can’t pump blood as efficiently as a healthy heart. Since I was diagnosed in 2008 my heart’s steadily decreasing in function and yesterday I found out that it’s got to the point where they need me to take drugs to try and limit it getting worse. If we now add in my ulcerative colitis, which causes weird electrolyte activity affecting the heart, as well as limits the amount of nutrience I can absorb from my food it becomes more serious. I lack in a lot of crucial vitamins and iron, which often makes me feel very tired, dizzy and faint. These are also vitamins that the heart needs to function as best it can.

So, even though the rest of my body feels fit to run, my heart can’t hack it and it’s very dangerous to strain it by running silly distances. People always say to me, ‘oh you’re a natural runner’. I can tell you now, I think we’ve proven that I’m not and I find it bloomin’ hard lugging myself round a half marathon course, let alone a marathon!

What happens next? Well while I explain the health bits easily and joke about it, I’m crushed. I don’t know whether it’s the marathon, the loss of running or just knowing I’ve got these diseases I can’t control. I’ll moap about a bit and feel sorry for myself. I’ve lost my favourite hobby and as silly as it sounds I have to morn it. I have to accept that my ticker’s worse than I thought and decide what to do about the marathon. I want to keep going, I want to walk it (that’s been given the nod by my heart doctor for those worriers). Ben and I have raised £2.5k and I want to keep fundraising. I just have to work out whether I’m mentally strong enough to get over the not running. Training up till now, running 3 times a week since November, running 15 miles on the weekend and constantly gearing up for the marathon is engrained in my brain. Stopping now and giving up would be easy but I like to make my life that little bit more challenging. I can see myself walking it, raising more money, getting more people signed up for organ donation and raising awareness of the diseases. While it’s hard for me, remember there are thousands of people with this condition that are much worse off. They need organs RIGHT NOW. They can’t get out of bed, let alone walk a marathon.

Trying to understand my echo results.

Trying to understand my echo results.

I’ve cried all the way through writing this. Please appreciate that it’s hard for me to share this and I’m not normally someone to publish this sort of information. This blog’s been a challenge for me. I’m doing this for the reasons I listed above and would love it if you could:

1. Sign up for organ donation

2. Register to give blood

3. Tell your friends and family to do number 1 & 2

4. Sponsor me and Ben

Thank you for your support. Please share my story.


The training’s still on hold so I’ve been using my time to maximise the fundraising! And what fun it’s been! It’s a fundraisers dream to be given items to use for fundraising and I was lucky enough to be given an amazing donation of over 50 handbags from a high street favourite.

Sales going well last Thursday!

Sales going well last Thursday!

We decided to hold a handbag sale in Oxfam House with the stock we had. With over 700 people in the office we were hopeful we’d sell a few bags. With a little bit of design, marketing and word of mouth we were set to go. The sale was due to start at 11.30 and at 11.25 we had colleagues looking at the bags wanting to start buying. The image to the right was taken at 11.35! Women were surrounding the handbags and they were flying out of our hands. It was amazing! Within 20 mins we’d sold 90% of stock and made £900. Ben couldn’t believe how much women loved handbags – he finally believes it’s not just me!

We want to say a massive thank you to our anonymous donor who made it possible as well as thanking everyone that came and bought a bag. We hope that you love your bags!

So that’s £2500 raised now, half way to our £5,000 target. If you’d like to sponsor us and keep us going while we can’t train please click here.

Next up it’s an Auction of Promises at work with some colleagues that are walking Oxfam’s Trailtrekker. If you don’t work at Oxfam and would like to make a promise let me know on Promises currently include things like cake baking, picture framing, dinner parties, dog walking, babysitting. Promises will be auctioned in Oxfam House on 8th April.

Thank you everyone.