Safe drinking water

In Chiramanzu, Western Zimbabwe I went to see a project where Oxfam worked to rehabilitate wells that had become contaminated. Sanya and Paul using their rehabilitated well

A contaminated well can cause diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera which become very serious, very quickly in such rural areas. I met a young mother called Sanya and her 3 year old son Paul (right). Thanks to Oxfam and it’s supporters, Paul  can now drink clean water from the well Oxfam rehabilitated in 2010 rather than drinking from the dirty river.

Not only did Oxfam rehabilitate the well, they trained a local member of the community to fix it if it were to break or become contaminated in the future.

Sanya said to me, “I am happy now. My family are healthy, we go to the doctors less”. Sanya can sleep much easier now, knowing that her family aren’t at risk of disease from drinking dirty water.

You can see how Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty in Chiramanzu. Oxfam’s work has enabled Paul to have a brighter, healthier future now that he and his community can access safe drinking water.

Paul drinking safe water from the well

We were told that 80% of the wells in Zimbabwe don’t function properly. There are many more wells that need to be rehabilitated to change the lives of others living in poverty. By sponsoring me, you can support Oxfam’s work and help people like Paul and his mum.

Sponsor Lucy.

More about Oxfam’s work.


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