She’s in!

We’ve got mum a place! Thanks to the lovely Katie and Oxfam, mum is going to be able to do the marathon with me. It’s exciting! We went for a training walk on Saturday not knowing whether she’d get a place or not. It was snowing the whole duration of the walk. Mums hands went numb and swollen by the end but we did it. We walked 13 miles with no training! Pretty good for my (almost) 60 year old mum! Legend.

Before the walk - already freezing cold!

Before the walk – already freezing cold!

While we were walking we started to plan race day. One of the things we want to make sure of is that people know we we’re not able to run the race. I don’t think I can handle the ‘keep running’ cheers. So, we’re going to get t-shirts saying ‘my heart won’t let me run’. I’m going to make a banner saying ‘our hearts won’t let us run’ and the logos of the charities we’re supporting so that when we walk past the telly cameras we can put up our banners.

At work I’m continuing with the fundraising. I’ve had some extremely generous sponsors giving money as well as promises. Yes that’s right, promises. Some friends at work are doing Trailtrekker in June and we’re holding an Auction of Promises. We’ve had donations such as ‘a cake every month for 6 months’ and ‘a week in a holiday home in the Alps. On 8th April we’re holding the auction offering a free lunch to thank those that have donated and bid on the promises.

12 miles in. Cold, snowy and bored!

12 miles in. Cold, snowy and bored!

I know I’m always asking you lovely people for things but this is another important one. A great charity called Cardiac Risk in the Young have a petition to get change policy on heart screening of young people. Over 600 young people (under 35) die suddenly each year due to heart conditions like mine. If young people are screened for these heart diseases their lives could be saved. You can sign the petition here, it’ll take just 30 seconds.

And as always if you haven’t already, please sign up to the organ donor register.

Thank you all for your continued support and sponsorship. It’s amazing!